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Can I Outsource My Internal Auditing?

Can I Outsource My Internal Auditing

There are companies that do not have the right set of people to perform high-quality internal audits. In this case, how can they have an internal audit? Do they hire people to be a part of their company? Or can they just outsource it?

“Can I outsource my internal auditing?” has been one, if not the most thrown questions as regards auditing. It is definitely something you’ve asked before if you are a company owner. So, without further ado, is this something legal, something you can accomplish?

Outsourcing Internal Auditing

Outsourcing your internal auditing is something that’s better than having an auditor employed. Yes, you can absolutely outsource it and you can choose if you want a full form of outsourcing, partial, or just subcontracting or co-sourcing. How is it better than just hiring an internal auditor to work for my company? Why should I even bother to outsource my internal auditing?

Benefits of Internal Audit Outsourcing

Outsourcing your internal auditing can actually get you a ton of benefits and advantages. The most common of them include:

Better Knowledge and Experience

If you were to hire internal auditors from a company or an organization, chances are, they’re better and more experienced than how you perceive them to be. They wouldn’t be able to survive the vast market of auditors if they weren’t good enough for their jobs, right?


You can gain flexibility in a lot of different ways, but you’ll be most flexible when it comes to budgeting. Hiring a full-time employee would require you to pay them out on a monthly basis; whereas outsourcing your internal auditor, you’ll only have to pay during the timeframe you need them.

Another is the fact that you can work with an employed auditor in auditing other things, maybe suppliers and such and let your outsourced internal auditor handle everything from within the company.

Reduced Costs

Following flexibility, you can also see a significant reduction in the costs you’ll have. Since your expenses and your costs will be controlled, you wouldn’t have to pay the services of your internal auditors on a monthly basis.

You can save a lot of time, money, and effort! You will be able to focus on a lot of other and more important things for the advancement and the development of your company or your business.

Unbiased Opinions

If you use the services of an employed internal auditor, no matter how good they are, they run the chance of being biased to the company or the organization. Their opinions might be filtered and it can give you unnatural results. But, if you choose to outsource your internal audits, the opinions would be fresh and it’ll be from a higher point-of-view or perspective.

If you decide to outsource the internal audits you need, you’ll definitely gain a lot of benefits and advantages with it. Don’t limit and restrict your company to what it can and cannot do!

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